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                 Dedicated to the education, creation and enjoyment of art.

Don't let the kids have all the fun! Sign up for an,"Art and Whimsy," painting workshop. Everyone leaves with a masterpiece, guided by professionals, created by you! Check out the Art Parties page for more info.
Art Classes- Inspire your child today! A really cool alternative to ordinary play! Creating a work of art can help with problem solving, self-esteem, self-expression and is just plain fun!
Check out the Art Classes page for more info.
Below, before instruction and after instruction drawings.
Fall, Winter and Spring Hours

Monday-Thursday - Noon-7:00
Friday - Noon - 4:00
Sat - Noon-4:00
or by appointment
Closed for recognized holidays

If school has been cancelled due to snow an e-mail will be sent to current students by 7:30 a.m. to let you know if classes will be canceled as well.

Melanie Therrien


140 Canal St. in Lewiston.

Bjorn, age 7, with his masterpiece in acrylic on 24x36 canvas
Adult Art Parties! Book your own party at your place or ours or join our Monthly Art and Whimsy parties!

Art Birthday Parties - A really cool alternative to ordinary parties! Run out of ideas for party favors and games? Every child leaves with a painting they created!
Check out the art parties page for more info.
Above - Watercolor and Ink by Isabelle H, Age 6

About Us

Why can't I paint on the walls mommy? Why indeed. Now, as an adult the scolding is over, Melanie Therrien, O/O of Wicked Illustrations Studio and Gallery actually gets paid to paint all over walls. Paint is a fabulous medium that Therrien as well as other artists at Wicked can use to transform anything from a room with a mural to a piece of furniture. There is a world of possibilities for what one can transform with paint. And paint doesn't just transform things visually, we also believe in the therapeutic process of creation and offer a variety of services to share our love of art such as art classes, art parties and space for local artists to share and sell their work in any media.
Mission Statement
Dedicated to the education, creation and enjoyment of art Wicked Illustrations Studio and Gallery has continued to thrive through the efforts of Artists who are passionate about the arts. With a belief in the importance of art in our community; with a belief that art heals, empowers and inspires, we address the need for a space in which to flourish. Through our services, products and programs we can reach the community and share our passion.
"The greatest experience one can have is the mysterious, it is the source of all true art and science." 
Albert Einstien   1879-1955

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