​Wicked Illustrations Studio and Gallery

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Materials are supplied for group projects and introduction to materials. For ongoing students working in a primary medium on individual projects supply lists are available. Supplies are offered for purchase at the studio.

Payment Policies and Fees

​Classes are ongoing throughout the year and paid in 6 week increments for as long as the student wishes to attend. The 6 weeks begins on your first class. The fee is 120 every 6 weeks regardless of attendance, snow days and holidays. For 2 siblings it is 110 each. Missed sessions can be made up. For more information please refer to your art class packet or contact Wicked Illustrations to have one emailed to you.

Art Classes with Melanie Therrien

"Every child is an artist, the trick is how to remain one once we grow up."

​                                                                                       Pablo Picasso


Fine art lessons focus on the needs of each individual student. The first class consists of an introduction and drawing exercises. The goal of the lessons is to introduce students to various media, techniques and styles of art through individual projects, group projects, demonstrations and drawing from life. Students can experiment with the media of acrylic, watercolor, ink, scratch board, pencil, oil pastel and charcoal.

Class size is 8-10.

​Ages 6+

Snacks and drinks are allowed.

Class Times with Melanie Therrien

Classes are ongoing throughout the year with the exception of a 4 week break for the month of July. For holidays we follow the school schedule. A schedule of our breaks will be provided in your art class packet and is on our home page. Sessions are two hours and meet once a week.

Monday - any 2 hours b/w 3&6

Tuesday - any 2 hours b/w 3&6

Wednesday - 12:30-3 Half Day Wednesday- Extra half hour balances out when there are full days. Half Day Wednesday has a unique schedule that follows the school schedule and breaks for the summer.

Wednesday - 3:30-5:30


Thursday - 5:30-7:30 Teen night 12+

*Snow days-We will inform you by 7:30 a.m. via email if class will be canceled.