Public Murals

​ Painted by Melanie Therrien assisted by Cory Tancrede  

​*Rainbow Bike - Lisbon St.

*Centreville Garage - Canal St. Sponsored by Healthy Androscoggin

*Wicked Wings Lewiston 120 Lisbon St. Sponsored by Carl Sheline

*Webb's Market, Pine St. Sponsored by Health Neighborhoods

​Peace Pole created for Trinity Episcopal Church in Lewiston. Sponsored by Healthy Neighborhoods. The Pole depicts the word Peace in the 12 different languages spoken in Lewiston. 

Creative Crosswalks in Lewiston!

​Started by LA Arts and 9 months in the making several individuals and groups came together to get this approved. Melanie Therrien from Wicked Illustrations designed and drew out the crosswalks and her husband, Glenn Therrein of Above and beyond LLC cut them all out. The city installs them.

Crosswalk locations

1-Simmones Hot Dogs - Hot Dog 

2-Adams Ave - Turtle 

3- Horton and Walnut - Bubbles

4- Maple and Park - Theatre Masks

5- Middle and Oak - Paws

6- Park and Spruce - Peace Signs

7- Birch and Blake - People (unity)

8- Ash and Blake - Sun

9- Pine and Howe - Vines

10-  Birch and Bartlett - Trees

​Wicked Illustrations Studio and Gallery

Public Sidewalk Art

The city of Lewiston let us paint on the sidewalks! Thank you to Misty Parker, Sheri Hollenbeck and City Council for helping us with the process. Sponsored by 10 businesses 10 Artists painted murals up and down Lisbon St. in Lewiston.

​Stay tuned for more public art!

In the Community 

Wicked Illustrations curates the Gritty's Art and Ale window in Auburn. We feature bi-monthly or monthly artists. 

If you are an artist interested in displaying your work email

Left-Artist and active community member Kris Lachapelle.

Painted Fire Hydrants

​Artists from the Downtown Lewiston Art District volunteered their time and talent to paint fire hydrants on Lisbon St. in Lewiston.

This was approved by the city.

​Color coding for water flow is not a system used in the city of Lewiston.

*27 Lisbon St. Turtles by Cory Tancrede of Wicked Illustrations

*199 Lisbon St. Octopus by Sheri Hollenbeck of The Hive and Downtown Handmade and Vintage

​*297 Lisbon St. Koi fish by Melanie Therrien of Wicked Illustrations

​*Dog Fire Hydrant by Grayling Cunningham of The Studio.

*Fire Hydrant by the Public Theatre by Melanie Therrien of Wicked Illustrations. 

Cory Tancrede and Melanie Therrien in front of their Webb's Market Mural, sponsored by Healthy Neighborhoods.

Wicked Wings Lewiston is a sereis of wings perfect for photo ops! It is located at 120 Lisbon St. Lewiston. Sponsored by Carl Sheline, Wicked Wings was createdby Wicked Artists Melanie Therrien and Cory Tancrede, along with Courtney Schlacter of Quiet City Books.

Call us at: +1.2075763743

30 City Issues in which the arts play an active roll. Americans for the Arts.