"Shaws Blue Orchid" 16x20 Acrylic 200

"Tracey's Rose" 20x16 Acrylic 400

​*Owner/Operator of Wicked Illustrations Studio and Gallery

​*Recipient of the Uplift 40 Under 40 Creative Genius Award.


​​Melanie Therrien is an avid painter, muralist, illustrator and teacher. Her art education consisted of 6 years of private lessons as a child and she continues to learn today through her students and other artists she has the pleasure to create with. Melanie has been a professional working artist for over 20 years. She began taking commissions and painting in local businesses and private homes in her teens. In 2007 she added illustration to her resume with a series of Children’s books entitled, The ElsBeth Adventures by J Bean Palmer. Also, she began showing her work in various galleries and venues and illustrating for other publications and that is how she coined the name Wicked Illustrations for her growing art business. Then in 2008 she co-founded Captive Elements Art House and began teaching art students. By 2010 Wicked Illustrations had its own space and Melanie’s creative focus turned to her own studio, her students and the addition of workshops and art parties. Since, Melanie has planted her roots near Lewiston’s growing Downtown Art District and Wicked Illustrations continues to bloom. Melanie continues to be an intricate part of the revival of the downtown area through civic engagement, public art, community events and the services offered at her space. Melanie can be found in her element creating or sharing her own work in various media such as oil, acrylic, watercolor, basket weaving, sewing and crochet. Many of her works depict trees and flowers and other inspirations from nature and the mystical. She is more interested in using her voice as an artist to give her viewers a break, rather than any other statement she could make, she hopes viewers can find their peace in her art.
Artist Statement
In a childhood filled with noise I found the quiet in my art. Now, in a world filled with noise, the news, social media, marches, protests, I find the quiet in my art. It gives me balance get lost in the therapeutic process of creating. My subject matter reflects the need for peace and is reflected on canvas with calm waters, majestic trees, or the curve of a petal. This is the peace I hope to pass on to my viewer and share with my students. I am inspired by my students, by nature and the work of Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keefe, Dahlov Ipcar and the Art Nouveau Movement. I enjoy working with and find serenity in simple organic designs, delicate strokes, clean lines and color.





The Triple Goddess Series

Melanie Therrien


​Wicked Illustrations Studio and Gallery

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"Madison's Flower" 16x20 Acrylic 400

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