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​Mural details and commissioned work.

​Murals and Commissions

How a mural can benefit your business

*Help visitors feel welcome and at ease.

​*Calm frightened children before seeing a Doctor or Dentist.

​*Make time go by quicker in a waiting room.

​*Cost effective marketing tactic.

*Inspire your employees and build morale.

*Visually expand space.

*Turn a wasted awkward space into an asset.

​*Send a message.

From murals to portraits to decorative painting on furniture there is a world of possibilities to make it better with paint. For an estimate for your home or business contact Melanie at​

"What art offers is space, a certain breathing room for the spirit."

John Updike

​Meet Leonardo DeCheesy, our gallery mouse!

The owner's dog, Tito, sitting in the book nook on the grass under the tree. :)

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